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Shipping charges reduction

We have reduced our shipping charges on small items because the shipping charges could at times be as much as the product when all you are ordering is something small like a firing pin. This was unacceptable so I decided it was time to change it.

In the past we have typically given out refunds whenever the shipping charges exceeded the actual shipping cost, but even though we often did it, there was no was for people to know that we do and the fear of high shipping drove potential customers away.

The biggest problem is that when shipping charges are automatically calculated according to the dollar amount of the item, sometimes it turns out bad for both of us. I have made price adjustments, but in the next week I will begin to entirely overhaul how the costs are calculated by doing it by item weight as opposed to item cost.

I think this will better represent the actual cost, but such things aren't always so easy to implement. Anyhow, regardless of whether the shipping charges automation gets adjusted properly or not, I will always continue to send out refunds for shipping overpayments. I am not in the business so I can nickel and dime folks to death, I do this because it makes me happy when I make the customer happy.

Long story short, regardless of the situation, if something about the deal concerns you or makes you unhappy, just shoot me an email and we will find a way to make the deal fair and right. I believe in an honest, square deal and I will do whatever it takes to make it so.

Besides, as always, if you buy something from Supanik and are unhappy with it, you can always return it and get your money back in full. It is not uncommon for us to refund not only the full purchase price, but also the customers original shipping costs.

So anyhow, I'm kind of rambling now so I will just say this. Whatever the problem with any transaction or item, I'll make it right and I will make it an honest and square deal! Anytime you have any concern, do not hesitate to just shoot me an email and I will find a way to make things right.



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