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Terms and conditions of sale

Buyer agrees to have items shipped to their billing address.

No sales to any purchaser whose shipping address is not the same as their billing address.


Buyer agrees to not purchase items which are prohibited by law in their state, county, municipality, territory or other governing region.

Buyer agrees not to purchase items on behalf of another person who is prohibited by law from owning a weapon.

If the homepage on states that our office is currently closed for business, any orders placed will not ship until we reopen for business, which may be up to or exceeding six months.


Buyer agrees to wait six months before merchandise is shipped if it was ordered while our office was closed.

Any item which is listed as back-ordered will not ship until the product becomes available, which may be up to or exceeding six months.


Buyer agrees to wait six months for shipment of back-ordered merchandise.

Buyer agrees to communicate via email and reply to any of our attempts to communicate with them via email. Any failure to reply to emails will result in order cancellation.

Buyer agrees to seek resolution with seller via email communications before initiating any chargebacks.

Buyer agrees that they will not purchase with the intent of resale. Any orders which contain commercial quantities (three or more) of any items are prohibited unless arranged and authorized in advance via email.

No sales or shipment outside the U.S.A.

Buyer agrees to not export any merchandise outside of the United States of America.

To cancel an order, change an order or make a return, buyer agrees to make a request in writing via email.

Buyer agrees to return merchandise at their own expense.

Buyer agrees to pay shipping charges for any merchandise sent to them as an exchange for returned merchandise.

Buyer agrees to return any merchandise in unused, uninstalled condition.

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