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Why buy from Supanik?

Well, have you ever looked for a vz.58 or parts and accessories on Gunbroker or anywhere else and were just so skeptical after seeing that the seller obviously had not the slightest clue about what he is selling? Yeah, me too; it's almost laughable how many gun dealers are out there trying to sell these items, but they haven't the most minimal amount of knowledge on them because in the end, they don't care, they are just trying to make a buck and sell any and everything they can.

At Supanik, it's different; Supanik used to be a dealer of many top brands and many of them are good. That's great, but good isn't enough to excite me, Czech rifles excite me and I am very passionate about them. I believe in them, I shoot them, I collect them, I love them and I stand behind them so firmly that I want to share them with the uninitiated as well as the fellow enthusiast.

Long before the vz.58 was on the U.S. market, I started out collecting classic vz.52's, vz.52/57's, vz.24's, 98/22's, CZ-70's, Pre-B CZ-75's as well as the old ammo and other goodies. Now that the vz.58 is available, I am equally fascinated and in awe by it. This is a new era, after getting a vz.58, I sold all my AK variants and my M1A because I just don't have a use for them now.

I just kind of fell into this because I know the good stuff when I see it, and I know where to get it. I know what it's worth and I usually have a decent historical and technical knowledge on everything I sell. I feel that I am more akin to a collector than merely a dealer of these items. When you talk about business, you often hear the mention of "do what you love", "follow your passion", well, here I am, this is it.

The point to this long winded monologue is that when you buy from Supanik, you are buying from a seller that knows what he sells and is passionate about every aspect of it. If you have questions he most likely has a good honest answer with no BS. Supanik specializes in just one thing, the vz.58 and this one thing gets all his attention. So if you ever have problems, questions, need support, advice, gunsmithing, repairs, info, whatever, Supanik can probably help you in some fashion.

There is 100% dedication and support for everything I sell and for all my great customers who love the incredible vz.58 rifle! The rifle will not let you down and neither will Supanik! If by chance there ever is a problem, I'm committed to making it right, whatever it takes. You are going to be hard pressed to find this level of service and support from any random seller who is just selling random items. 

The vz.58 is the kind of rifle that you don't just kind of like, you fall in love with it and that is just how most vz.58 shooters are; so why would you want to buy from a seller with any less passion than you have? After all, if you are on the Supanik website, you are probably in love with the vz.58 as much as I am!

Specializing in the sale of the rarest, highest quality and newest condition vz.58 parts and accessories since 2016.





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