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Many new vz.58 parts in stock now!

We have recently acquired a quantity of new old stock vz.58 parts. These parts are a lot of the items which we don't usually carry. In addition to our usual furniture and accessories, we now carry many of the small mechanical parts.

From now on you can expect to find things like bolts, bolt carriers, top covers, every kind of spring and all the small parts like extractors, ejectors and firing pins. We will see how sales go on these items and if there is a demand we will try our best to maintain an ongoing inventory of these items.

I am proudest to say that as always and expected of Supanik, all of these parts are in new old stock condition and are all original Czechoslovak military issue! Hopefully next time you need a replacement part or a spare, you will keep Supanik in mind!

Check out all the new arrivals by clicking here:



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