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"Operation Giveaway": success!

Well it is official, aside from one or two hiding somewhere in the back of the warehouse, I have completely given away my entire inventory of used vz.58 magazine pouches. Like many of the items I sell, these are likely to be gone forever and I doubt I will ever be able to stock them again.

That is how it is with a lot of this stuff, when it's gone, it's gone forever. Nevertheless I thought it would be a nice gesture to give them away as a token of appreciation to every customer who had the patience to wait on back-orders or to wait patiently in those times when my shipping got backlogged and slow.

I learned one thing, that knowing that I made a few people happy by giving away something nice and useful instead of the same old promo junk actually made me happy too, so I am glad I did it.

I still have new, unissued pouches available for those people who wish to purchase one, so no worries there. Anyhow, now I have to figure out something else nice to give away to my many great customers in the future. As we approach the end of my sales season for the year, I just want to say thank you too all the vz.58 enthusiasts out there who made the choice to be my customer and to trust that I will provide the best service in the business.

Thank you all!


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