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New inventory inbound!

Even though the webstore is currently closed, I just wanted everyone to know that when we reopen in about two months there will be plenty of your favorite vz.58 parts in stock!

Currently inbound to the warehouse are a large quantity of "Beaver-Barf" stock sets, "Beaver-Barf" bayonets with CZ95 pattern sheaths, side folding stocks, bipods and cone flash-hiders; all original Czech military items and all in "New Old Stock" condition except for the side-folding stocks. Also in the inventory will be original wood furniture sets in your choice of new old stock or used condition as well as new condition four cell leather mag pouches.

Finally, last but not least, I will still have a good quantity of new old stock military magazines, still in the original wrappers! That's right, NEW, not used or refurbished or like new or excellent, but NEW, brand spanking new in the wrapper Czechoslovak vz.58 military mags! This is the only place to get new mags anywhere in the USA and likely the entire world now, and Supanik has them!

Due to supplies of these classic items running low, prices have been skyrocketing to crazy levels in the last few months, but I am going to try my best to keep our prices as low as possible because I would rather sell it fast than sell it high! When its gone its gone!

I still anticipate reopening the web-store around August 1st, so stay tuned. I will probably shoot out an email to all my subscribers a day or so in advance before the reopening. So anyway, until then, don't worry about the entire world's supply of vz.58 parts completely being sold out already, this will be your second and quite possibly final chance to get some of these items. This year is not the year to put it off until next year because this is very likely the end of the vz.58 surplus era!

I am extremely excited about all the new inventory and I cannot wait to get these items out moving through the mail to all of you great customers out there. Hang in there, the webstore will be open again it slightly more than two short months!

Until next time, keep your powder dry,



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