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Czech Small Arms VZ-58



Czech Small Arms & FAB Defense


FAB Defense VZ-58
VZ-58 pouch
VZ-58 folding stock
VZ-58 cone flash-hider
VZ-58 sling
VZ-58 phenolic furniture
VZ-58 muzzle-brake

Genuine Military

vz.58 rifle parts

Hard to find items, all in new condition and at the lowest prices! Magazines, cleaning kits, original 1960's beech-wood stocks, phenolic red-resin "Beaver-barf" stocks, folding stocks, muzzle-brakes, slings, mag pouches... and more!


We specialize in Czechoslovak vz.58 rifle parts and accessories as well as unique and rare Czech and Slovak militaria items with most in unissued condition.  

We are a seasonal and part time business and suspend all sales for parts of the year.  If you see something you want, order it while you can because it may be months before our sales are active again.

The vz.58 is not just our product, it is our passion!

VZ-58 Vz.58 VZ-2000 VZ-2008 CZ-858 Vzor58 Samopal58 VZ2000 VZ2008 CZ858 CZ58

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