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Flash-hider, vz.58, new condition

Flash-hider, vz.58, new condition


1960's cone style flash-hiders. Original Czechoslovak military item in new condition. Available in original Czech blue-gray or black finish.  Standard 14-1 right hand thread.


These were standard issue with the vz.58 when equipped with the IR illuminated active night vision scope, giving it the designation vz.58pi. The flash-hider is more to protect the shooters eyes and optics from the flash as opposed to hiding it from the enemy. This is essential night-fire equipment.


See a beautiful and authentic reproduction of a vz.58pi in the member photo gallery. 


A small quantity of original Czech blue-gray enamel finished units are available. These are ultra rare, as normally these units only seem to have been made with a black finish.

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