Stock set, vz.58

Stock set, vz.58

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Original Czechoslovak, phenolic resin "Beaver-Barf" furniture set vz.58 stock set in "new old stock" condition. All original wood and resin stock sets have the original Czech Blue-Gray finish on the metal parts. Includes all metal hardware except grip-screw & the metal reinforcement tab for rear of the lower handguard. These stock sets are all in "new old stock" condition, with manufacture dates mostly in the 1970's.




Metal reinforcement tab for rear of lower handguard & grip-screw are not included, but available seperately.


The Supanik difference is extra service without extra charges!

These stock sets are all pre-inlet / pre-fit by Supanik. This is where we trim the lower handguard alignment tabs down, so they will be a drop in perfect fit. They may need a very small amount of fitting at the nose. This will reduce the amount of hand fitting that you will have to do by about one hour and 95% or better. The inletting is profesionally done using a milling machine in the Supanik workshop, for perfect looking results every time.


We now do this to every set we sell so that they are more in spec with the modern CSA rifles, making it so much easier for you, the customer. We care about every item we sell and put a lot of effort into making that product trouble free for the consumer. We hope this is yet another reason why you will choose to buy the parts you need from us. Who else provides this service on the stock sets they sell? Nobody! 


When you buy a stock set from Supanik, it is going to save you an hour or more in installation time!


Now available with grip screw for customers who cannot use their old screw because it is too short!

  • New Old Stock surplus condition.

    Although this item is new, it is actually new old stock that was produced in a Communist country at the height of the cold war. The final finish of these items will not have the level of quality that we have come to expect of our Western consumer based products and therefore it will have various aesthetic imperfections that will not affect performance.

    They will have sanding and grinding marks at the edges and mold seams; this is completely normal and authentic. These marks can always be polished out to a smooth and beautiful finish, but that will require some sanding and polishing on your part.

    These are absolutely not second-hand or used parts. All of these furniture kits come to me in the original sealed Czechoslovak military 10 packs of original components with the original military packing slip, so rest assured that these are the best you can get, period.


    Some of the imperfections will be grind marks, inconsistent color, tiny chips, cracks, scratches, etcetera that are a result of Communist block manufacturing methods as well as being stored in military warehouses for several decades.


    Be aware that although these items are "New" they will not be perfect and all furniture sets will exhibit some if not all of those various flaws to varying degree.


    Typically all of these flaws can be sanded and polished out to achieve a beautiful finish, but that will require you do the work. This is not something exclusive to the stock sets that I sell, but will be evident in any original phenolic resin vz.58 furniture set available anywhere, it is just how they were made.


    If a furniture set without any manufacturing or handling marks is desired, the modern production polymer set is a better option.


  • Metal reinforcement tab

  • Grip screw, grip-nut & washer

  • Completeness

    Although the "Beaver-Barf" resin furniture sets are always in stock, there may be a back-order delay if you order the butt-stock only or the paratrooper version without a butt-stock, so please allow up to three additional weeks for shipping. I will let you know when you order whether it is back-ordered or not and as always will give a full refund if you decide not to wait.

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