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vz.58 magazine 10-pack

vz.58 magazine 10-pack

SKU: 1A10

This is for a quantity of ten magazines.


These vz.58 magazines are all new and still in the original military wrappers. 30 round capacity. Aluminum body with the signature Czech army blue-gray enamel finish. All vz.58 magazines have the Czech military crossed swords proof-mark. Original Czechoslovak army issue. Top quality & brand new, not refurbished!


These vz.58 magazines have now been banned in the Czech Republic and the supply of these is now halted! I cannot get any more, this is all that there are, period! If other sellers offer mags cheaper, just read their fine print. The mags I sell come straight from the sealed original packages with no excuses or fine print! If you want the best, then these are the ones you want.


Nobody other than Supanik has vz.58 mags in brand new condition! Every other seller has some variety of used condition mags. At Supanik, all vz.58 mags come straight out of a Czech military sealed 10 pack.

  • Shipping restriction

    This item cannot be shipped to locations where it is prohibited by state or local law.

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