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RF-10 TAKT-1 field radio

RF-10 TAKT-1 field radio


Fully tested and functional! 


Complete Czechoslovakian army field radio set from the 1970's through early 2000's, excellent used condition in original storage box with all accessories. These sets are in very nice condition, having only been maintained and inspected annually, but obviously never used in the field since many accessories are still in the unopened sealed plastic bags. Most of the original battery pack inspection tags indicate last inspection date from around year 1999 until 2002.

These radios have been refurbished (by Supanik) by replacing the old worn out Ni-Cd cells with brand new 8,000 mAh NiMh cells. This is a huge improvement on the original battery that will give greatly extended battery life. The new battery packs have 2 times the battery life compared to the original 4,000 mAh batteries. Battery charging jacks have been installed into the battery boxes and an NiMh charger is available here as well.


All radios are fully functional and tested. This is a turn key, plug and play item. No repairs or modifications needed, just turn them on and use. These are fully ready for use; grab your vz.58, this RF-10 and go... and you can "Shoot, move, communicate!", the trifecta of infantry doctrine.


Accessories include chest/back harness straps, radio set carrying pouch, two whip antennas, longwire directional antennas, handset, rebuilt / refurbished  battery pack with all new NiMh cells, battery pack pouch, inspection and instruction booklets (written in Czech), foam storage box with vinyl cover. Unit may be worn using the carrying straps either with or without the carrying pouch. The quality and performance of this radio exceeds that of any comparable radio of it's era, the 1970's, and is a far better and more compact radio than the AN/PRC-77.


Uses the 6m "magic band". You will not be disapointed! Maximum expected ranges to be achieved are 2, 5, 10, 15 and 20 kilometers depending on which antenna you use and the geographic conditions / obstructions, etcetera.


Remember, this is a surplus military item and although in excellent condition, it may have minor flaws and imperfections. All imperfections will be of either a strictly cosmetic nature or will be easily repairable, such as scratched / worn paint or a missing snap on the pouch or numbers stenciled on the pouch. The unit itself will be fully functional and was personally tested by me. 


Although all items come stored in a large styrofoam storage box in a vinyl carrying pouch, all accessories and antennas can be carried in the radio chest rig / back rig pouch which has one pocket for the radio and one pocket for all the additional antennas and accessories.


This radio has very intuitive and simple operation, no programming or any other technical knowledge required. Just turn it on, set the frequency and talk.


Basic controls are:


On-whisper mode 

On-Low volume with squelch 

On-Medium volume with squelch 

On-High volume no squelch

Self Test mode


This really is an awesome piece of gear that you need in your bug out bag or in your tactical kit! A great combination of talk range and low power consumption. 


Price is for one radio. Also available in original surplus, untested condition at a much lower price. You do the work and save some money.


These radios are awesome and I am not exagerating whatsoever!

  • Battery exchange

    Select this option to exchange your original worn out RF-10 battery pack for a rebuilt battery pack with all new 8,000 mAh cells. Save time, work and hassle by just trading it to me for one that is ready to use!

  • Hidden charging port

    If you prefer a radio without the newly added 1/4" charging port visible on the battery pack, please write that in the order notes.

    We can put the charging jack inside the battery box so that the external appearance of the radio is 100% original. This will require the user to loosen two screws that hold the lid on the battery box, but is not a problem.

    Otherwise the 1/4" charging port will be mounted in the center on the front of the battery pack.

  • Lead time

    Due to the fact that we rebuild the battery packs here in our shop, please expect up to an additional 10 days shipping delay as we may need to rebuild a battery pack.

  • Optional original surplus condition

    We also offer this radio in its original surplus condition. We have not tested these units and we have also not rebuilt the battery packs. The batteries may still work or maybe not. We do not know. The radio itself may also work, but maybe not. Since this is an original, untested unit, we have no way to know. These are the same units that we begin with when we sell our fully tested and rebuilt ones, but this is a unit which we have not done so yet. Get an original surplus unit and rebuild the battery pack yourself as a fun rainy day project.

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