Jun 12, 2018

Rebarrelling/Kit Building


Just wondering if anyone here has any experience with building VZs from parts kits. The receivers exist, and a while back I bought one with intent to build. Main stumbling block seems to be in removing/pressing in the barrel, and no gunsmiths I talked to had the facilities to do so. While we're on the topic, has anyone put enough ammo through the VZ to shoot out the barrel?

Jun 29, 2018

For barrel removal, all that should be required is a hydraulic shop press, which can be purchased cheaply at a big tool store and potentially some press dies that you may need to make on a lathe. For installation, you will mainly need to build a fixture to slide the barrel in while maintaining the alignment, which will also have the ability to set headspace as the barrell is put into position. Easy in theory, but will require the making of the tooling to do so which is not really worth it to do one rifle. You could assemble it without custom fixtures and do it by hand, but you will run the risk of misaligning it and I doubt it will be easy.


As far as the barrel goes, I have never heard of one being shot out, but if it was, a replacement can be had. I have one in stock, but currently have no need to advertise the fact. They are currently being produced by Green Mountain, but are not chrome lined, which is fine since you can just send it of to be melonited instead.

Jun 29, 2018

Also to mention is that although receivers do exist, unless it is a D-Teknik, I would be wary depending on who made it. The ones produced by ORF were notorious for problems that required a lot of final finishing and modifications. The new production ones by CNCW are very expensive and as of yet, not much is known about the actual quality and potential problems. The Century vz2008 receivers look good overall if you can get one and shouldn't require an extensive amount of work, although they were only sold off after rifle production ended, as rifle seconds or remaining inventory, so finding one will be difficult.

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