Jun 9, 2018

The southpaw's rifle


I'm sure it wasn't intended, but Ive been through a lot of rifles and haven't found an stock non-bullpup military rifle more lefty friendly then the "V Zed" ( FAMAS, Tavor, or P90 are too, but are bullpups). Sure you can make an AR lefty friendly but they don't come that way stock/milspec. The AK is just not lefty OR righty friendly.


Lets go over how the VZ-58 is not only lefty friendly but in some ways better than for righties:

1) The mag catch on the left side (with narrow trigger guard, but doable with the fat trigger guard) means you can pop a mag out with the push of your trigger finger (if it doesnt fall out, knock the mag out with the next one).

2) Safety can be flipped with left thumb without breaking the firing grip (the CSA version with fire = forward, not the VZ2008 fire=back, thats alot harder). Ideally someone could modify a safety so back = safe and down = fire, replicating a left hander's AR safety.

3) Most obvious is the right side charging handle, but also you can lock the bolt back with just your right hand (holding on to the pistol grip with your left hand). Pull bolt back with your right pointer finger and your right thumb easily reaches the bolt hold open button.

4) Ejection is mostly up, forward, and slightly right. You'll never get hit by a empty.

5) The folding stock opens up with right hand while left hand holds onto the gun.

You can use the code: FORUM58 to get 20% off in the webstore. Thanks.

Jun 11, 2018

Extended mag release latch would help for lefties as well.

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  • Since the aftermarket on these guys can be so tricky to navigate. Thought I would get a current list of manufacturers of aftermarket items for our beloved rifles. Feel free to add manufacturers you might know of. I'll post links to the harder to find companies. Bonesteel Arms/CNC Warrior - American-made muzzle devices, railed handguard, U.S. trigger group, stripped receivers, pistons. http://www.cncwarrior.com/ D-Force - Czech manufacturer of rails, folding stocks, muzzle devices, etc. http://www.unrra.cz/shop/ FAB Defense/Mako Group - Israeli-made polymer stocks, fore-ends, and magazines. https://www.fab-defense.com/ GuneXpert - Czech manufacturer and distributor of rails, muzzle devices, stocks, etc. http://www.vz58rifle.com/ They also have an eBay page. Polenar Tactical - Slovenian distributor of muzzle devices, bolt release, etc. https://polenartactical.com/shop/24-vz58 Spectre Ballistics International - Canadian manufacturer of muzzle devices. Possible M-Lok rail in the future. https://spectreballistics.com/ CzechPoint USA - American distributor/manufacturer of VZ rifles. Good selection of spare parts. https://www.czechpoint-usa.com/ RS Regulate - American-made VZ optic mounts for the side rail. https://rsregulate.com/ PRI - American-made railed upper handguard https://www.precisionreflex.com/Search.aspx?TERM=vz58
  • proud owner of a couple vz58s. really think this rifle deserves more love then it gets. id rather shoot my vz over my ak any day.
  • Ive been shooting, buying, selling, trading rifles for 30 years. there is ONE rifle in my collection that is NEVER considered for sale or trade... NE-VER!!! you guessed it, My CzechPoint VZ58. Ive been offered twice what i paid for it, and i've declined all offers thus far. There's just something special about the VZ that makes it THE ONE! it'd be the one, if i could have one only short, light, slim, accurate and pretty. i love my VZ58
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