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Join the Supanik consignment seller
drop-ship team!

Do you sell firearms parts, militaria, vintage camping gear, old knives, scopes, binos and other outdoor gear but are too small to have a website yet?

Are you frustrated by not being able to sell or advertise on places like Facebook Marketplace or Instagram because gun parts are not allowed?

Is using places like Reddit or Gunbroker just too much work?

Would you like to be able to accept credit card payments?

Consider being a consignment seller here on

You will get your own product page here on the Supanik website. All sales can be made directly via the Supanik webstore.

You provide us with item descriptions, photos and pricing info. We will add a commission fee to the end retail price and add the items to your own web-store page. When your item sells, we will email you with the sales info; you then drop ship your item directly to the buyer.

We will send you a payment at the end of every week for all your sales for that week, upon receipt of the item by the customer. We will handle customer support and returns for you.

Join the consignment seller drop-ship partnership with Supanik. Let the great Supanik reputation and customer base help sell your items while reducing your work load as you grow.

Email us if you are interested and let's see what we can do!

Success! Message received.

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