Stock set, vz.58, wood

Stock set, vz.58, wood


Original Czechoslovak, wood furniture set for the VZ-58. Comes with all metal hardware except grip-screw.


New condition. Colors vary from medium colored beech-wood to the early production darker stained beech-wood. All original wood and resin stock sets have the original Czech Blue-Gray finish on the metal parts. 


Used-Refinished sets are refinished to like new or better condition. 


Used-Repaired sets are used, like new, but with a professionally repaired crack in the wood that will barely be visible if at all.


All sets Include all metal hardware except grip-screw.


These stock sets are all pre-inlet / pre-fit. This is where we trim the lower handguard alignment tabs down, so they will be a drop in perfect fit. They may need a very small amount of fitting at the nose. This will reduce the amount of hand fitting that you will have to do by about one hour and 95% or better. The inletting is profesionally done using a milling machine for perfect looking results every time.


We now do this to every set we sell free of charge so that they are more in spec with the modern CSA rifles, making it so much easier for you, the customer. We care about every item we sell and put a lot of effort into making that product trouble free for the consumer. We hope this is yet another reason why you will choose to buy the parts you need from us.


If you would like a set which is not pre-inlet, please specify and we will send you one to original specs.


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