Ship commissioning print

Ship commissioning print


Original art print that was created for the launch of the U.S.N.S. Gordon when it was built in 1996. This is an original print in new and perfect condition. This ship was named in honor of the Delta Force sniper and Medal of Honor recipient Gary Gordon. Master Sergeant Gordon died in battle in Mogadishu, Somalia while saving the life of a crashed Blackhawk helicopter pilot, as was portrayed in the movie "Blackhawk Down".


The ship is a Large Medium Speed Roll-on Roll-off ship aka LMSR which was converted from a commercial Danish container-ship, the M/V Jutlandia, built in 1970. The ship remains in service with the Military Sealift Command within the U.S. Navy. In short, when there is a war, this is how the Army gets their tanks, APC's and HWMMV's to the warzone.


This is not a reprint or reproduction, it is 100% authentic U.S. Navy issue. Very few available; when these are gone, they are gone forever. Dimensions: 16" high by 20" wide. Suitable for framing. These prints were only available on board the ship and cannot be obtained elsewhere. Don't miss your chance to own an extremely rare original military print.

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