Kobra sights, qty:3

Kobra sights, qty:3

SKU: Z021

Three original Russian made Kobra sights with accessories and one original box. Comes with the following, Qty: 3 sight units, one missing side control cover. One has been repaired and two are non functional in some way or another. One works, but is missing one of the reticle options. Sold as a set so that someone crafty can use the parts of all three to hopefully rebuild one good one.


Comes with Qty:3 weaver mounts, Qty:1 AK-47 side rail mount, Qty:1 AK pouch, Instruction manual written in Russian and one original box. Made by "Action" company in Russia.


These are all sold as a non-working project for parts value only.  These originally cost over $200 each when new.

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