1983 Mercedes-Benz

W460 280GE

Civilian G-Wagen with the M110

2.8 liter gasoline engine


Price negiotable.

Will consider a big price break if you also buy the Pinz 712

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas

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This is 1983 European market  W460 chassis 280GE Gelandewagen. Unlike the 300 diesel powered models, this truck is fast and has no problem doing freeway speed. Will easily do 75 mph with no problem and I am guessing it will probably do up to 85 safely, but I've never tried. At 75, the tach is still very far from red-lining.

* It has a solid body with no dents or body repairs. There is virtually no rust anywhere on the truck. The biggest spot of rust is about the size of a nickel that is forming near the rear license plate. There had been a little rust on the drivers floorboard at one time, but it seems to have been repaired. Any other bits of rust seem to be very small areas of light surface rust on the interior floor where the paint has been worn in spots, but it is just a light surface rust.


* This truck has the four speed manual transmission and shifts smoothly in all gears,


* Front and rear differential lockers, hydraulically operated. This was a factory option and was not standard equipment. The front locker works fine, but the rear locker has some issue. I believe it is the master cylinder. Before I investigated the issue fully, I purchased a new OEM slave cylinder, which will be included with the sale. 


* Manual operated windows, all function properly.


* The truck is started and driven often and is my regular driver, grocery getter. It runs and drives well. I have driven this truck cross country and would feel comfortable doing so again.


* The exterior of the truck is great, what I consider a 9 out of 10 cosmetically. Cosmetically I would consider the interior to be a 7 out of 10. It is lacking the rubber floor mats or carpet. The seats have no rips or tears in the original plaid cloth upholstery, but the black vinyl does have some minor cuts and tears in places.


* The manual transfer case functions smoothly with no issues. There is 2 wheel drive high, 4 wheel drive high, 4 wheel drive low and neutral.


* New muffler installed in 2018 and new exhaust brackets installed. Forward muffler was removed and replaced with straight pipes as no forward muffler is available.**8

* 2.8 liter Mercedes M110 straight six cylinder engine with Bosch Jet-tronic mechanical fuel injection system. Runs well. Minor oil drips, but nothing out of the ordinary for a vehicle this age.

* New OEM fuel pump installed 2018. New fuel filter and pressure accumulator installed in 2016.

* Factory equipped tachometer that works well.

* Original European market speedometer marked in Km/h.

* Repainted in 2015 by the importer, before it was imported from Southern Spain. Its dry climate origin explains why this is such a rare rust free G.

* The paint is very good quality work and done in the original wheat yellow.

* All glass is perfect except for one small stone chip in the upper corner of the passenger side windshield.

* New BF Goodrich All Terrain tires in 2015, including spare. 90% tread or better.

* Original European style Halogen headlights, H4.

* Many cosmetic items replaced, such as driver center console, shift boots, rear body vents, signal lenses, reflectors, badges, as well as other items. New 280GE mirror badge included, but not installed as one installed currently has some scrapes.

* New front brake pads installed in 2018. New rear brake linings included, but not installed.

* Radiator completely re-cored and rebuilt in 2018. Runs very cool, even running hard in hot weather. Various additional temp thermostats included.

The Bad...

1. One small chip in the windshield.

2. Door rubber gaskets torn in some areas.

3. No rubber floor mats, but an original rear bed carpet is included.

4. Glove box door hinges broken and replaced with a metal hinge on the face.

5. Rear difflock needs repaired, likely needs new master cylinder as I have noticed it leaking there. New slave cylinder included that you could possibly use or maybe trade back to Euro-Truck Importers for credit. Original box and invoice included.

6. Windshield wipers run on high speed only.

7. Heater / vent fan motor stopped working.

8. Odometer quit working and I have no idea what the actual mileage is. Was at 119,000 when I bought it in 2015, but can't vouch for the correctness of that. 


This is a good solid vehicle overall and would make a great expedition vehicle. It has proven itself very capable as a 4x4 and although it isn't a Pinzgauer, I'll pit it against absolutely any stock domestic 4x4 any day. 

I will include all spare parts that I have, including a complete official Mercedes service manual for the M110 equipped W460 on cd-rom in pdf format.


Underside Photos


Some adventures with "Mellow Yellow"

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Mercedes-Benz W460 280GE

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